Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

The Pomodoro Technique is created by Francesco Cirillo for a more productive way to work and study. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. Each interval is known as a Pomodoro, from the Italian word for ‘tomato’, after the tomato-shaped kitchen timer that Cirillo used as a university student.

Pomodoro Technique


Can you see soo many frogs are waiting for me today? Actually these frogs are the most difficult tasks in my to-do-list of today.

Frog 1: Learn Linux command line.

Frog 2: Install Linux in my computer.

Frogs waiting for me

Today I am going to start my task with Pomodoro Technique.

Pomodoro Technique

So lets start with frog 1.

Linux Command Line

So what I have to do is? I have to take an online course for Linux command line. After 25 min

Commands Noted in Diary

After 5 min break

Now start with frog 2.

Frog 2 is Ready

Again resume my task and install the ubuntu in my virtual machine.

After 25 min

Ubuntu is Installing

5 min break

Now I have to use Linux terminal.

After 25 min

Linux Terminal Interface

5 min break

At last started my completed interface of Linux with Ubuntu.

After 25 min




As I have performed Pomodoro Technique, it was difficult for me initially but my work was in time.

As this is an effective technique to complete tasks so I am gonna be practice next time again.



Hafza Naz 👩 Quality Content Writer ✍ Electrical Telecom Engineer 🤫💫

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