Are you doubting whether you should start working right after graduation or pursue your Master’s degree?

Tips for Career Planning

A mindful learner doesn’t limit themselves…

Have you heard about the concept of Positive Thinking before? How do you think it is connected to your job search and maximizing your professional growth?

Positive thinking, or an optimistic attitude, is the practice of focusing on the good in every situation.

Sometimes we don’t notice the good things…

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Nothing is impossible for the girl who lost her parents before her 10th birthday. Her resilience has taken her from strength to strength. Kulsoom Hazara was born in Quetta on September 4, 1988. The youngest of three sisters and a brother, she lost her mother when she was only two…

#1 Plus Size Sustainable Finds for Fall: Put A Spin on the Fall Season with Statement Button-Down Blouses

Job vs career are technically the same thing; it’s a question of semantics. The actual difference is the mindset. How seriously do you take what you do? Are you passionate about it? Are you coasting through your days or soaking up learnings?

To be a successful manager, you can’t consider…

SMART is an acronym that you can use to guide your goal setting.

When it comes to write SMART goals, be prepared to ask yourself and other team members a lot of questions. The answers will help fine-tune your strategy, ensuring the goals are something that’s attainable. While you should…

Career prospects refer to the available professions for a certain industry or field. We are going to shift gears and focus on how to boost your career to increase your chances of landing your dream job as well as to grow fast in your career.

Tips For How To Grow Your Career Prospect

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